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Mel Bay Guest Bill - A Hundred Favorite Fiddle ...
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Media Type : BookLevel : IntermediateMusical Genre : Old TimeNumber of pages : 68 One hundred great fiddle solos and duets on reels, waltzes, jigs, hornpipes, two-steps, breakdowns, clogs, and schottisches by well-known Canadian fiddle Bill Guest. This book was compiled mainly for the violin student who is interested in learning to play old-time fiddle music. Suggested bowings are marked in some tunes. Chord symbols are included for accompaniment.

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The All New ´´Lum & Abner´´ Comic Strips, Hörbu...
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Lum and Abner, the classic American network radio comedy show, was created by Chester Lauck and Norris Goff and aired from 1931 to 1954. Now for the first time since 1954, veteran radio theate rproducer Joe Bevilacqua and comic strip artist Donnie Pitchford bring you one hundred new ´´Lum and Abner´´ audio comic strips! These hilarious comedy shorts are written, produced, and directed by Donnie Pitchford, with great love for the original, and feature old-time radio style music and sound effects, original scripts, plus a series of new stories based on 1936 ´´Lum and Abner´´ radio scripts by Chester Lauck and Norris Goff. The cast includes: Donnie Pitchford as Abner, Lum, Cedric, Grandpap, Dick,Squire, Mousey, Snake, narrator, and other characters. Tim Hollis as Lum, Cedric, Grandpap, Cousin CliffSam Brown as Dick and narratorDaron McDaniel as WashingtonKyle Cage as JimmyNicola Cuti as Captain CosmosLaura Pitchford as Evalena Schulz and LizabethSpecial guest star: Kay LinakerSound effects by Sam BrownVintage music performed by Ralph Waldo Emerson II, Elsie Mae Emerson, and Chris McPhersonOriginal Music composed and performed by Mark Ridgeway. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Donnie Pitchford, a full cast. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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